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    Pilot plant for the study of different joining processes including: - arc welding: MIG/MAG (including CMT and CMT twin), TIG (including hot-wire and speedTIG) and plasma processes (including microplasma and plasma) - laser welding, - friction stir welding and - resistance welding processes. Different pilot welding cells (including welding equipment and different resources (sensors, monitoring devices, CAD/CAM software, etc.)) are available for training, demonstration, applied research and development activities. Different options are offered for industry to participate and collaborate : - From lab-scale proof of concept or feasibility tests, to the study of the process industrialization and integration in the production chain. - Comparative study of different welding processes or technologies. - First demonstrator fabrication: technology and products development applying our welding expertise. Arc welding assets: - 3 robotic arc welding cells. - 5 different power sources: Fronius TPSi, Fronius Transpuls (2), EWM Activarc, SBI plasma arc. (Availability of a wide range of technologies: advanced MIG/MAG welding processes (CMTi, LSC, PMC), advanced TIG processes (hot wire and TIGSpeed), tandem processes (CMT Twin) and plasma arc processes). - A rail guided welding carriage for mechanised longitudinal seam welding. - Tilting and rotating positioning table. - CAD/CAM software: SKM programming system. - Different equipment for process control: process data acquisition system, laser-tracker for seam tracking (2), thermographic cameras, active thermography, artificial vision, ultrasonic testing, etc. Laser welding assets: Different laser sources: - Laser disk 5 kW Trudisk 5002 - Laser Nd:YAG 3 kW, Trumpf HL 3006D. - Laser diodo 3 kW, Laserline LDL 160-3000. Different accessories, motion: - a rotating and tilting table - 4 robotic cells - large scale gantry (7 x 3 m) CAD/CAM software for programming complex trajectories. Different equipment for process control: temperature control, vision cameras, thermography, laser seam tracking… Friction stir welding (FSW) assets: Two different FSW cells: 1. robotized welding cell: KUKA KR500 3MT adapted with a FSW spindle and process control system 2. First specific FSW facility in Spain: Istir pds4 + TestStar TM controller.


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    Advanced welded joints feasibility study. Advance

    Advanced welded joints. Development of welding procedures for new materials, dissimilar materials, effect of new coatings on the welding, etc. Advanced welding processes: comparison of technologies in the market: pros and cons, challenges, etc. Evaluation of the feasibility of achieving satisfactory joint welds by different technologies. Evaluation at lab-scale and analysis of welding process scale-up. From lab-scale proof of concept or feasibility tests, to the study of the process industrialization and integration in the production chain.

    First demonstrator fabrication. Proof-of- concept

    Product development. Smart process control. Sensing and monitoring. Process parameters’ optimization. Distortion control and optimization. Product properties optimization. Efficiency of the process analysis. Small series.

    Quality improvement in welded joints.

    Access to a wide range of welding technologies and welding suppliers. Comparative studies of different technologies in the market. Advanced characterization of welded joints. Smart process control to improve quality of the joints.


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