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  • Applications for the integration of storage systems into power grids

    This asset includes a) a SW application for the sizing of storage systems in renewable applications, b) an energy management strategy for digital platforms that plan and operate renewable plants and storage systems in electricity markets, and c) an algorithm that enables the optimal and proactive management of storage systems in power grids through the accurate estimation of the different states of the storage systems as well as the prediction of their useful life based on their operation


    • PREDICT Li: Li-ion battery degradation prediction tool based on data-driven algorithms
    • Procedure and installation for the electrical energy management
    • Software for the energy management of a renewable plant with storage

    Fields of application

    Integration of distributed generation and storage. Microgrids

    Optimal grid operation and demand management


    Development of intelligent BMSs

    Transfer of technology for the implementation of advanced life estimation algorithm to make Battery Management Systems (BMS) more intelligent. Accurate prediction of the remaining useful life of the storage system provides key information, which allows an optimal adaptation of its operation, with the aim of maximising its useful life and minimising its operation cost.

    Optimal management of storage systems in power grids

    Transfer of technology in the field of ESS integration. These are advanced energy management strategies that combine both planning and operation of renewable plants with storage. They are focused on the participation of the plants in the energy markets and grid services.

    Optimal sizing of storage systems in power grids

    Transfer of technology in the field of ESS integration. ESS sizing tools are essential for the design phase of a renewable plant with storage, as they make it possible to determine how much capacity to install in a given application to maximise profitability considering the useful life of the installation.


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    Haizea GaztaƱaga