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  • Cell of additive manufacturing by SLM

    Pilot cell for the application and integral development of metallic additive manufacturing in powder bed tehcnologies. It is provided companies with: - Equipment (SLM equipment, generation1 (2007, upgrading 2015), generation 2 (2014, upgrading 2017), generation 3 (multilaser system, up to 4 lasers). - Resources (systems for sieving and controlling the metallic powder flowability, sieve analysis…). - Software (for the preprocess based on .STL and native CAD, Materialise, Autodesk). Software for the process simulation and distortion prediction (developed by IK4-LORTEK and commercial softwares GEONX, (GE Electric), Netfabb and Dassault 3D Monitoring of SLM processes: this infrastructure is currently providing a series of sensors to the process data capture (process monitoring in a real time with thermal systems, image and acoustic emission systems). It is ready to stablish the required connectivity to ICTs platforms. This facility can also improve by adding sensor systems and logic assets of other assets of the network. The type of projects can cover from the introduction to the technology, testing, services and R&D projects.


    • Design software and commercial and own software to process simulation
    • SLM equipment. Renishaw, multilaser
    • SLM equipment. SLM Solutions 280 HL
    • SLM MCP Realizer
    • Topological Optimization software: Optistruct, Inspire and Evolve, Isight

    Fields of application

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Materials for 3D/AM

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Bring technology to the companies and related opportunities and risks.

    Bring additive manufacturing technology close to the environment and basque companies as well as this potential benefits and business opportunities (including selection criteria of applications, design and process engineering and support to the incubation and acceleration of the technology adoption in sectors with a high-quality requirements).

    Development of products with a high added value

    Identification of products with added value manufacturable by additive manufacturing. Design and development of new products (including topological optimization and function integration). Development of new products from digital design to additive manufacturing, finishing with the part validation. Design rules creation and the transfer of the rules for the design.

    Parts manufacturing by SLM

    The service includes from the co-development, design and prototype validation to the manufacturing of a new parts and final lightweight design with complex geometries. Design and validation of parts with improved functionalities (molds with conformal cooling, heat exchangers, etc, as an example).

    Simulations to predict the distortions in the final part

    Simulation of thermal stress generated during SLM process and the prediction of these distortions prior to the manufacturing to avoid defects in parts by FEM in a Abaqus network and other commercial network (GE Additive, Materialise, Autodesk…).

    Support in the industrial implementation

    Support to the companies in the industrial implementation, including implementation, process certification (aeronautics, automotive, energy), development of proceedings for quality systems and additive manufacturing processes.

    Test (materials, characteristics,…) including powders and assess their processability

    It is provided an open platform to develop parameters and process for new materials and the possibility of characterizing them until achieve the optimization, including the consultancy and support from the materials and metallurgy knowledge.

    Test ICT systems related to simulation and CAD-CAM-CA_x in a controlled environment prior to their commercial deployment

    Test ICT systems related to simulation and CAD-CAM-CA_x in a controlled environment prior to their commercial deployment.

    Topological Optimization

    It is offered training service, showcase and exhibition of the parts redesign with Topological Optimization, including the application of design rules for SLM

    Training in Additive Manufacturing

    Access to people to different levels, from technicians, engineers to other profiles for their introduction and training in technology to achieve an adequate technological criterion.


    Contact person:
    Emma Gil Murillo