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  • Genomics platform

    The Genomics Platform offers advice for, and interaction with, research groups to help them implement the most appropriate genomic and transcriptomic techniques for the biological problems being studied and to help them design and/or refine new experimental approaches. For that purpose, the platform has a qualified staff, the latest techniques and equipment for sequencing, genotyping and analyzing gene expression and a lab which was designed following recommendations based on good laboratory practices.


    • 7900HT real time PCR system
    • ABI3130xl sequencer
    • Bio-Rad Droplet Digital PCR (ddPCR)
    • GeneChip Affymetrix genetic analysis system
    • PGM Ion Torrent - Next Generation Sequencing

    Fields of application

    Biomedical consumables

    In-Vitro diagnostics

    Laboratory equipment


    Bidimensional gels scanning-DIGE

    Bidimensional gels scanning-DIGE

    DNA and RNA Quality analysis and quantification

    DNA and RNA Quality analysis and quantification

    Human cell lines authentication

    Identification and authentication of human cell lines and intra-species cross contamination with detection with GenePrint® 10 System de Promega

    MAGPIX (Luminex)

    Protein and nucleic acid qualitative and quantitative analysis

    Massive sequencing (PGM – Ion Torrent)

    Complete sequencing of reduced and viral genomes, mitochondrial sequencing, sequencing and quantification of microRNAs, sequencing of kits on demand with genes of interest

    Microarray expression analysis

    GeneChip Affymetrix Platform

    PCR digital (Droplet Digital polymerase chain reaction – ddPCR)

    Absolute quantification without a standard curve, genomic alterations such as copy number variation (CNV), rare sequences, gene expression and microRNA analysis, massive sequencing -NGS- (quantification of libraries; validation of results) and single cell analysis.

    Real time qPCR

    With specific primers to determine number of copies or relative quantity of a specific DNA or RNA sequence.

    Sanger sequencing services

    Sanger sequencing services (1100-1300 pb fragments), Fragment analysis


    Biodonostia Health Research Institute
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    IIS Biodonostia