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  • Laboratory for the integral characterization of fluids and materials

    Laboratory for the integral characterization of fluids (oils, taladrin, water based emulsion) and grinding materials (grinding wheels, material to be ground). This characterization covers the evaluation of the physical-chemical and mechanical properties of fluids and materials, as well as their tribological performance in use. These studies provide a background for the development of improvement strategies focused on the use of more efficient and long-term fluids and materials, whether new products or commercia


    • Laboratory for material characterization (mechanical and surface properties, corrosion resistance, microstructure, residual tensions,...)
    • Laboratory for the integrated characterization of physical, chemical and thermal properties of grinding fluids. (Viscosity, thermal conductivity, spectroscopy...)
    • Tribological testing laboratory (friction and wear) for fluid/material system evaluation

    Fields of application

    Grinding and finishing technologies


    Corrosive effect of grinding fluids

    Study of the impact of the use of grinding fluids on the corrosive process of adjacent parts

    Development of new grinding fluids

    Design and characterization of new formulations based on the selective additivation of the fluid. Selection of additive strategies and physical-chemical characterization of the fluid

    Effect of cooling on tribo-thermo-mechanical grinding behaviour

    Tribological evaluation of the effect of the proposed new refrigerants. Material analysis and process parameter

    Efficiency and durability of grinding fluids and grinding wheels

    Evaluation of the friction and wear behaviour of fluids and grinding wheels in grinding operations

    In-situ regeneration of the cooling fluid

    Definition and development of new filtration technologies for the regeneration of coolant and metal working fluids

    Replacement of conventional formulations in special grinding processes

    Replacement of oil-based coolant by a cost-effective water-based formulation for grinding special materials

    Research for machining waste sludges recovery

    Definition of recovery techniques and new uses for the sludge obtained during the machining process, transformation into new chemical precursors.

    Training and updating of experts

    Specialized training courses for new professionals and for updating professionals to new technologies.


    Contact person:
    Javier Arzamendi Manterola