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  • Pilot plant for the development and manufacture of components for extreme conditions: ceramics, MMC-s and CMC-s, coatings, advanced joints.

    The pilot plant for the manufacture of components for extreme conditions has the following lines of work: 1.- Manufacture of Ceramics-CERMETS-MMC and MCM-s: • Facilities for the adaptation of the raw material: Grinding and mixing, granulation (spray drying and fluidized bed), preparation of Feedstock: feedstocks for the process of injection molding of powders and for additive manufacturing by extrusion of material, synthesis of ceramics and cermets • Cold pressing forming: uniaxial pressing, PIM and additive manufacturing. • Sintering without pressure (furnaces up to 2000ºC with different atmospheres) and sintering assisted with mechanical pressure (hot press, SPS and ERS). 2.- Processes of Advanced Unions: • Micro-Laser for the wleding of very thin parts and materials that require a low thermal input. • Brazing / diffusion bonding process: Brazing furnace that works up to 1200ºC in different degrees of vacuum. It has a forced cooling system to adequate the cooling rate. • Induction brazing equipment. • Access to electron beam welding (EBW) equipment for the development of high requirements joints. 3.- Manufacture of high performance coatings: • Plasma Spray thermal projection process: Atmospheric Plasma Spray (APS). • High speed deposition processes: High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF). • Specific deposition processes developed in TECNALIA: detonation: High Frequency Pulse Detonation (HFPD) and high speed combustion: High Velocity Combustion: Oxy-Fuel Ionization (OFI) and HVOF / HVAF.


    • Brazing furnace
    • Innovent ExOne Binder Jetting equipment
    • Sintering furnaces with controlled atmosphere up to 1400C
    • Sintering furnaces with high vacuum up to 2000C
    • Spry Dryer YAMATO: powder granulation.

    Fields of application

    Design and development of materials

    Manufacturing processes


    Development of new solutions for harsh environments

    Develop solutions based on materials for extreme conditions: bulk materials (CMC-s, MMC-s and ceramics), advanced joining (including cladding) and coatings

    Life-time increase of components under extreme conditions

    Evaluation of the current life time of the components and improvements based on the solutions of materials for extreme conditions: bulk materials (CMC-s, MMC-s and ceramics), advanced joints (including refills) and coatings.

    Manufacturing of components for extreme conditions

    Manufacturing of bulk components using powder metallurgical techniques (CMC, MMC-s and ceramics), advanced joining processes for high performance components and coatings of parts with high requirements.


    Technical training in the manufacturing process of ceramics, MMC-s and CMC-s; advanced joining processes (brazing, diffusion, EBW, ...) and coating depositions based on thermal projection.


    Contact person:
    Iñigo Agote