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  • Robotic cell for large component construction by powder deposition

    Large 3D metal printing with powdered laser cladding: Robotic cell with 6 degrees of freedom (gdl) with an additional turning table (1 gdl) for the construction of large components (up to approximately 1m3 in volume) at high deposition rates of up to 6kg/h. Possibility of depositing in external and even internal structures (by means of specific heads) both in a material and in a mixture of materials generating mixtures of materials of variable concentration (' graded materials'). This asset allows us to study different materials, geometries and use cases that can be manufactured by means of laser cladding. The implementation of a closed loop process control system is also offered within the asset in order to optimize the process and detect premature failures in the manufacturing process. Additionally, new nozzle designs and deposition heads can be tested in this cell, as well as the development of deposition paths (CAM) to reduce distortions and geometric failures in the manufactured components.


    • 2 powder deposition heads, internal and external surfaces
    • Closed loop geometric control system
    • Diode laser 10 kW and Nd:YAG 2.2kW
    • PLC-regulated double powder feed system with % mix regulation design by PLC
    • Robot and table with 7 degrees of freedom for components up to 1m3. CAM for robot path generation.

    Fields of application

    AM Digital Chain.

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Construction of large 3D geometries

    Testing of large three-dimensional components manufacturing(>300mm) at high deposition rates on various materials or graded materials

    Control system development

    Development of closed loop control systems for geometric and thermal control of deposited material.

    Demonstration / Approach

    Demonstrator of large component construction by powder deposition by LMD

    Development of coating technologies and component repair.

    Test the implementation of special and novel coatings as well as the development of component repair methodology, its inspection and testing for various sectors (aeronautical, marine, energy, etc.).

    Development of equipment and technology LMD powder.

    Development, testing and validation of equipment and special technology (nozzles, heads, optics) for the deposition in environments or special geometries. Adaptation of machinery for the inclusion of powder deposition heads by DML.

    Manufacture of 3D geometries in new materials.

    Evaluate the suitability of new materials to be processed by LMD

    Process development

    Development of deposition parameters and strategies for new metal alloys. Testing (metallography, fatigue, mechanical characterization, etc.)


    Practical training in the whole process (design, design, calculation, material analysis, process, coatings, NDT) of large component construction by powder deposition.


    Contact person:
    Carlos Soriano