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  • UDEX (Demonstration and Experimentation Unit)

    The European Energy Transition and Green Deal are key drivers of innovation and development, prioritising energy efficiency and renewables within the power sector, necessitating that the energy market be integrated, interconnected and digitalised. This has driven the creation and development of the UDEX infrastructure facilitating a holistic approach in relating R&D activities, over different inter-related and interconnected layers (physical systems; digital infrastructures; communications), to business strategies through the use of a flexible and digitalized network.


    • Electric Vehicle Charging Station
    • Electrical Network Simulators
    • Energy Storage Substation
    • LV Network
    • Real MV Network

    Fields of application

    Immersive systems and digital twin for power infrastructures

    Integration of distributed generation and storage. Microgrids

    Optimal grid operation and demand management

    Product validation (HW/SW) for electricity grids


    Functional testing of IED systems under network working conditions

    Functional validation of IED’s in a real network environment tested with different MV Network Operations, especially during and after transients occurring during network switching. Neutral configuration, Power Frequency and MV Network Voltage Level can be controllable parameters.

    Internet of Grids

    Development, validation and testing of different algorithms of big-data processing that retrieve data from the locally installed LV feeders, Data Concentrators (DC) and smart-meters, also serving as a research baseline for fraud detection and automatic feeder mapping.

    Network asset management using online technologies

    Functional validation of network diagnostic equipment and systems, from simple detection devices to complete monitoring systems, in real MV network environment. Focused on validation of systems for detection, analysis, identification, localization and evaluation of Health and Risk Indices of network assets, and relating this to O&M decisions.

    Regulating network voltage to maintain QoS affected by renewable integration.

    Functional validation of local or decentralized voltage regulating systems in a real distribution network environment, with different MV Network Configurations, voltage levels (0-36kV), Power Frequencies, and controllable loads and power injection.

    Testing data collection, transmission and processing systems in distribution networks

    Functional validation of devices, software and algorithms dealing with data coming from real network environments with different Network Configurations, neutral configuration, Power Frequency, Network Voltage Level the loads, and power injection to the system are controllable parameters.


    ORMAZABAL Corporate Technology AIE
    Contact person:
    Iñaki Orue Sagarduy