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  • Machine – 3D Printer for Concentric Wire Deposition Construction of Large Components in Advanced Materials and Oxygen Reactive materials (Ti)

    Large 3D metal wire printing for oxygen reactive materials with oxygen: Cartesian machine of 3 degrees of freedom (gdl) with the possibility of adding a turntable and additional tilt (2 gdl) for the construction of high value-added components (e. g. titanium) of large size (up to approximately 1.4m3 in volume) at high deposition rates of up to 6kg/h in controlled atmosphere. Possibility of depositing in materials that are reactive with oxygen both in powder and concentric yarn with freedom of trajectory generation. Possibility of depositing and investigating the 3D geometries generated in any material, both in yarn and powder, even when these are reactive with oxygen. Chamber technology based on vacuum and controlled atmosphere in order to make technology cleaner and more efficient while optimizing the internal quality of the material minimizing the appearance of pores and cracks induced by the gas.


    • Closed loop geometric control system
    • Component size 1.9x0.9x0.8m3
    • Diode fibre laser 10kW and fibre laser 4kW
    • Thermal monitoring system
    • Wire or powder concentric deposition heads

    Fields of application

    AM Digital Chain.

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    3D construction of oxygen reactive components

    Optimisation of the construction process of reactive components to Oxygen and high added value alloys in a controlled atmosphere chamber and even vacuum.

    Construction of large 3D geometries

    Testing of large three-dimensional components manufacturing(>300mm) at high deposition rates on various air-reacting materials using wire-based LMD Technology.

    Demonstration / Approach

    Demonstrator of large component construction by concentric wire deposition in advanced materials and oxygen reactive materials (Ti).

    Development of technology, equipment and machinery

    Development of machinery associated with the laser cladding process or LMD in robotic and Cartesian format. Machinery for conventional and reactive materials with oxygen.


    Practical training in the whole process (design, calculation, material analysis, process, coatings, NDT) of construction of large components by concentric wire deposition in advanced materials and reactive with oxygen (Ti).


    Contact person:
    Carlos Soriano