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  • Multifunction laser cell for additive manufacturing and post-processing

    The multifunction laser cell is designed for two applications: • Additive manufacturing of metallic part using Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) • Laser post-processing of parts manufactured by any method (additive, subtractive, …) Additive Manufacturing by LMD This asset has a 4 kW continuous fiber laser, a state of art cladding head (acquired in December 2016) and a closed-loop system of the melt pool. The maximum part size is 1.200 mm diameter x 700 mm height. These dimensions are achieved by a 6 DoF robot and a positioner with two rotations which allows for complex part geometries. The laser spot can be adjusted continuously between 0.2 and 10 mm, which allows for high precision or high productivity applications. The raw material is metallic powder which is supplied with a powder feeder that has two hoppers which allows for gradient compositions. The available materials include inconel, titanium, aluminium, different steels, etc. The asset has all the necessary equipment to develop industrial solutions for LMD. Additionally, Ceit-IK4 has equipment and knowledge, related to this asset, for: design for AM, topology optimization, material analysis (optical and electronic microscopes, mechanical characterization), generation of deposition trajectories for robots (specific CAM for robots for AM) Laser post-processing Using a 3D laser scanner and the same 4 kW laser source, it is possible to perform heat treatments and surface finishing (cleaning and polishing). The working volume for the scanner can be changed between 300 x 300 x 20 mm and 1200 x 1200 x 600 mm. This volume can be extended if the scanner is mounted in the Kuka robot. The process temperature is monitorize with a two color autocalibrated pirometer.


    • 3D Laser Scanner (Raylase AXIALSCAN-30)
    • 4 kW IPG fiber laser with 4 outputs
    • Additive Manufacturing LMD Head by Fraunhofer with a motorized collimator
    • Commercial closed-loop control system for the melt pool
    • KUKA robot KR30 HA and KUKA DKP400 positioner (2 rotary axis)

    Fields of application

    AM Digital Chain.

    AM process validation

    AM/3D Printing Process

    Design for AM and Digital pre-processing

    Materials for 3D/AM

    Post process

    Supporting technologies and processes


    Demonstrators and prototypes

    Through demonstrators and prototypes we can explore AM in terms of design, properties, new functionalities, manufacturing, …

    Design/redesign of parts for LMD

    Design of new parts or redesign of existing parts for LMD using methods as topology optimization

    New technologies evaluation

    We can evaluate new technologies within our multifunction laser cell for AM, heat treatments and surface finishing. For example, test a new sensor, a new equipment integrated in our cell, etc.

    Powder optimization for LMD

    Optimal tuning of the powder characteristics. Powder size distribution, humidity, defect types, etc. are key factors. Our 30 year experience in powder metallurgy and 10 years atomizing powders allows as to tailor the powder for each case.

    Process parameter optimization

    * Additive manufacturing: optimal tuning of the parameters that control the LMD process. This includes test in the LMD cell, microestructural analysis, composition analysis, mechanical properties, etc. * Post-processing for AM: optimal tuning of the parameters that control de heat treatment or laser surface finishing


    Theoretical and practical training about laser post-processing and all aspects of AM( design, topology optimization, materials analysis, process optimization, CAM for AM, handling and management of metaling powders, …)

    Viability studies

    Validate the technical and economic viability of producing part by LMD and the associated technologies.


    Contact person:
    Mikel Gomez Aranzadi