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The Node of Intelligent and Connected Machines collects a number of technological assets at the service of industrial companies to allow them to carry out testing, validation, development, demonstration and training activities on the types of machines and manufacturing processes most established in the Basque industrial ecosystem, with the prisms of digitalization, zero-defect manufacturing, optimization and sustainability as key elements.

For this, the node includes assets (machines, test benches, verification and testing equipment) dedicated to conventional machining processes, multifunction machining, process hybridization, grinding and finishing processes, micromachining and precision processes, forming and joining processes , as well as logical assets on which to test aspects related to connectivity, digitalization, advanced control strategies.

Fields of Application

We provide companies with infrastructure,
equipment and knowledge

Technological-economic advice

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  • Need Analysis
  • 360 vision technological assessment
  • Collaboration & coworking
  • Technological Prospective & State of the Art
  • Technological Analysis
  • Economic viability Analysis
  • Proof of Concept

Design, prototyping
and validation

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Simulation, solution architecture
  • Safety Analysis
  • Prototyping, programming and experimental validation
  • Technological transfer for industrialisation

and Training

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  • Showroom
  • Training Workshops (<1 day)
  • Training (+ 1 day)

Fields of Application

Advanced Forming

Advanced Forming 


Grinding and Finishing Technologies
Machining and Multitasking
Precision and Micro Machining
Digitalization and Conectivity
Other processes

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