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The digitalisation of electricity grids and incorporation of new technologies are essential steps towards the energy transition: large-scale integration of renewables while maintaining efficiency and security of supply, the entry of new stakeholders with the capacity to manage demand (“prosumers”, aggregators, energy communities, etc.), storage and recharging systems, etc.

Digitalisation is a key trend for businesses operating in the electricity sector, particularly SMEs, pushing them to evolve their offer towards technology solutions involving ever-increasing levels of intelligence and high added value services to aid the transition towards a more distributed, digitalised, de-carbonised grid. The impact of the planned investments in grid digitalisation over the coming decade will substantially boost competitiveness and job creation in the sector.

The Digital Electricity Grids Node brings together the leading technical-scientific stakeholders with capacity in this field, working together to jointly offer the best service to meet the needs of electric sector SMEs and help them meet their digitalisation challenges.

Fields of Application

Product validation (HW/SW) for electricity grids

Product validation (HW/SW) for electricity grids

Incorporating digital technologies into products and solutions for electricity grids requires the use of specific infrastructures and tools for testing and validation, as well as support from trained personnel. Depending on the type and specifications of each solution, there is a range of facilities and tools for analysing and testing their viability.

Optimal grid operation and demand management
Integration of distributed generation and storage. Microgrids
Immersive systems and digital twin for power infrastructures
Electricity grid cybersecurity

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