Deep Dives

Fully test technology before you invest

Sometimes, companies face purchase commitment agreements with technology suppliers, without being sufficiently informed about the usefulness for their business. Now, they can minimise the risk of this decision by participating in BDIH deep dive immersion days.

A customised plan: DEEP DIVE technology days are designed to provide practical knowledge so that SMEs can find specific solutions to their problems.

During the deep dive, companies will watch experts give real-time demonstrations, discuss the challenges they have faced and learn about real use cases from other companies.

You know what you need to do: shorten the learning curve and gain the knowledge you need to incorporate technology into your products or processes.

Tell us about your need

Let us get to know you better. If you are looking to implement digital and sustainable technologies that improve the efficiency of your company's production system to offer solutions with more added value, fill in this form.


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