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Robotics is undoubtedly one of the levers for the competitiveness of companies and especially in SMEs, which need to automate their processes with flexible solutions adapt quickly to changes in their manufacturing orders.

The efficiency and profitability are synonymous with modernization in production processes this can be achieved by replacing and modernizing manual processes, by innovative mobile industrial robots, flexible and collaborative.

From the Flexible and Collaborative Robotics Node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub, the main ST agents with capacities in this field collaborate together to offer the best service to the needs of SMEs.

Our offer

We provide companies with infrastructure,
equipment and knowledge

economic advice

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  • Need Analysis
  • 360 vision technological assessment
  • Collaboration & coworking
  • Technological Prospective & State of the Art
  • Technological Analysis
  • Economic viability Analysis
  • Proof of Concept

Design, prototyping
and validation

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  • Conceptual Design
  • Simulation, solution architecture
  • Safety Analysis
  • Prototyping, programming and experimental validation
  • Technological transfer for industrialisation

Awareness and Training

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  • Showroom
  • Training Workshops (<1 day)
  • Training (+ 1 day)

Fields of Application

Advanced handling with robots

Advanced handling with robots

Advanced manipulation with robots in different environments both in the air and on the ground. Depending on the precision, speed, robustness required in the application (palletizing, Bin Picking, kitting, moving goods, etc.) different equipment is available to test and study the viability of the technology.

  • Handling elements in large environments on the ground
  • Handling elements in large environments by air, load> 1T
  • Handling large elements by air, load <1ton
  • High Speed Pick & Place Handling
  • Handling pick in place type Bin Picking or Kitting
  • Feeding machine/Feeding parts
  • Orders preparation
  • Palletized/depalletized
Internal logistics with mobile robots
Manufacture and assembly of components by robots
Quality Control with Robots
Flexibility for robotics applications

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