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Innovation in Materials has always brought great advances to the Basque industry in the launch of new products and in the improvement of existing production processes. At present and during the next few years, innovation in Advanced Materials will be positioned as the central axis on which the incorporation of new functionalities and the improvement of its properties will pivot providing a greater added value to the products and processes of Basque SMEs without losing sight of the focus of sustainability.

The Basque Industry 4.0 strategy, within the framework of the PCTI 2020, includes as a priority area the integration of advanced materials into solutions with greater added value or improved processes. Consequently, the Basque Industry 4.0 Pilot Group approved the creation and implementation of a specific Working Group called “Advanced Materials and Processes” whose master lines have been the basis for the design of this Advanced Materials Node of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub.

The main scientific-technological agents of the Basque Science Technology and Innovation Network with capacities in the field of Advanced Materials join their capabilities around this Node to offer the best service to the needs of SMEs.

Our Offer

We provide companies with infrastructure,
equipment and knowledge

Technological-economic advice

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  • Needs Analysis
  • Technological prospect and State of the art
  • Technological analysis
  • Evaluation of the economic viability
  • Support in homologation and certification
  • Fit with the concept of Circular Economy

Design, prototyping
and validation

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  • Selection and design of materials
  • Process improvement and design; simulation, solution architecture
  • Proof of concept with the equipment available in the Node
  • Materials characterization
  • Functional and reliability analysis
  • Life cycle and safety analysis
  • Design of the optimal processing path
  • Technological transfer for industrialization

and Training

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  • Showroom
  • Training Workshops (<1 day)
  • Training (+ 1 day)

Fields of Application

Design and development of materials

Design and development of materials

Accompaniment and advice in the selection, design and development of materials to respond to the challenges of the industry, both in terms of more demanding conditions of use and the introduction of new production processes or functionalities.

  • Development of metal alloys, ceramic compounds, and polymer formulations
  • Development of new composite materials (composition and architecture)
  • Development of materials optimized for additive manufacturing
  • Design and development of nanomaterials
  • Development of materials for use in extreme conditions
  • Development of materials for lightening components
  • Development of active materials and their transformation into intelligent components)
  • Development of multifunctional materials
  • Ecodesign and replacement of critical raw materials


Manufacturing processes
Coatings and surface solutions
Advanced unions
Materials and processes in the circular economy

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