Scaling of new functionalities and associated processes


Innovation in materials has always brought significant advances in the Basque industry, in launching new products and improving existing production processes. At present and over the next few years, innovation in advanced materials will be the central axis for incorporating new functionalities and improving their properties, providing greater added value to the products and processes of Basque SMEs without losing sight of the focus on sustainability. 

As part of the Basque Plan for Science, Technology and Innovation (PCTI) 2030, basic technologies are identified and linked to the different areas of specialisation in a cross-cutting way. Among these technologies, advanced materials and processes are fundamental to all areas. This prioritisation follows the strategy set out in the previous PCTI 2020, with the implementation of the Advanced Materials and Processes Working Group whose guidelines formed the basis for the design of the BDIH’s Advanced Materials focus area. 

The main scientific-technological stakeholders in the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network, with capabilities in the field of advanced materials, join forces in this focus area to offer the best service to meet the needs of SMEs. 

The node in detail

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Application areas

16 organisations and more than 69 assets to support:

Design and
development of materials

Design and development of materials

Accompaniment and advice in the selection, design and development of materials to respond to the challenges of the industry, both in terms of more demanding conditions of use and the introduction of new production processes or functionalities.

  • Development of metal alloys, ceramic compounds, and polymer formulations
  • Development of new composite materials (composition and architecture)
  • Development of materials optimized for additive manufacturing
  • Design and development of nanomaterials
  • Development of materials for use in extreme conditions
  • Development of materials for lightening components
  • Development of active materials and their transformation into intelligent components)
  • Development of multifunctional materials
  • Ecodesign and replacement of critical raw materials
Coatings and
surface solutions
Advanced unions
Materials and processes
in the circular economy

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Advanced materials

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Casos de uso

Characterisation of micro-alloyed material for new industry applications



Use case

Metagra is a Bergara-based company dedicated to stamping or cold forging. With more than 60 years of history and 125 workers between Spain and Mexico, it supplies complex technical components to the automotive industry. The aim of the case was to find out the limitations of a material developed by the company for its improvement and use in new pieces.



Conocer las limitaciones del material desarrollado por la empresa para su mejora y uso en nuevas piezas

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Technical Department

Company size:



Fabricación de pernos y tornillería


Bergara (Gipuzkoa)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Increased knowledge of the possibilities of the material
  • Development of products with all the guarantees.

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Electrochemical techniques
  • Climatic chambers

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