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The cybersecurity node of the BDIH includes 5 interconnected and distributed throughout the Basque Country laboratories. All these laboratories are members of the BCSC, which stands for "Basque Cybersecurity Centre", the Organization appointed by the Basque Government to promote cybersecurity in the Basque Country which mission is to promote and develop culture and awareness on cybersecurity in the Basque society, to streamline business activities concerning cybersecurity and to create a strong professional sector.

These laboratories are used to foster entrepreneurship and innovation, highlighting projects such as smart-grid, automation, blockchain, product testing and certification, etc.

Fields of Application

Identification of threats and risks

Identification of threats and risks

Develop an organisational understanding to manage cybersecurity risks to people, systems, assets, data and capabilities. Understanding business context, resources that support critical functions, and related cybersecurity risks enables an organisation to focus and prioritise its efforts in a manner consistent with its risk management strategy and business needs.


The following services are used for the identification of threats and risks:

  • Training in blockchain.
  • Cybersecurity training for connected and autonomous vehicles.
  • Cybersecurity functional test environment.
  • Industrial cybersecurity training for security operators and ethical hackers.
  • Cyber range training.
  • Test and demonstration environment for new security products.
  • Test and demonstration environment for new cyber range products.
  • Cybersecurity test environment and product and/or process demonstration in a controlled environment.
  • Practical training in cybersecurity.
  • Product certification.
  • Realistic simulation of complete industrial environments, including IT and OT segments for testing cyber-defence against complex attacks.
  • IT/OT test environment to test new network or processing equipment in a controlled, realistic and high-stress environment.
  • Test and demonstration environment in a context of IT/OT convergence to validate the operation of specialised components in industrial cybersecurity.
  • Multi-domain cyber range.
  • Big Data and cybersecurity.
  • Industrial network analysis IEC 62264.
  • Cybersecurity assessment of industrial components and systems.
Asset protection
Attack detection
Attack response
Asset recovery

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