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Molecular Imaging Facility – CIC biomaGUNE


The integrated imaging facility offers state-of-the-art imaging resources in Positron Emission Tomography (PET), Single Photon Emission Computerized Tomography (SPECT), Computerized Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and animal facilities to perform preclinical animal testing of different formulations and implantable devices, and development of contrast agents.

The use of radiolabelled molecules and MRI contrast agents allows to perform metabolic tests and ADME (adsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion) in rodents by PET and MRI.


Animal Facility +

The Animal Platform is accredited by AAALAC, has the capacity to house up to 800 rodents (mouse and rat) and performs comprehensive monitoring of animal welfare during procedures.

Bruker · Magnetic Resonance Imaging System · Biospec 117/16 USR +

Equipped with a high performance 9 cm I.D. (750 mT/m switchable within 100 µs) interfaced to a Bruker AVANCE III console. The console is configured with full imaging capabilities: 4 RF transmitters, one broadband RF transmitter and 8 RF receivers. Dedicated RF-coils of different sizes for optimized rat brain, mouse brain, rat heart/body and mouse heart/body are available and includes state-of-the- art phase array assemblies. Additional RF volume/surface coils to perform 13C, 19F and 31P MRS are also available. A MR compatible holder and SAII Model 1030 Monitoring & Gating System (Small Animal Instruments Inc) is used to monitor the animal during the imaging session. 16 cm Zero boil off horizontal bore magnet.

Bruker · Minispec mq60 +

Magnetic resonance spectrometer of temporal domine for the acquisition of temporary constant T1 and T1. Magnetic field 1.4 Teslas. Working frequency 60 MHz.

IBA 18/9 · Cyclotron +

Particle accelerator for the generation of Positron emitting isotopes.
The cyclotron is capable to accelerate protons and deuterons to nominal energies of 18 and 9 MeV, respectively.
It is equipped with seven targets for the routine production of [18F]F-, [18F]F2, [13N]NH4+, [15O]O2, [11C]CO2 and [11C]CH4.
A solid target, suitable to produce other positron emitters such as 89Zr or 64Cu is also available.

Molecubes · Trimodal PET/SPET/CT System +

The system comprises of three scanners to deliver multi-modal data, which are co registered automatically.
1) a high-performance preclinical PET imager (β-CUBE)
2) a high-sensitive, high-resolution SPECT imager (γ-CUBE)
3) a high-throughput CT scanner (X-CUBE)


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Development of healing devices in animal model

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Evaluation of the effect of compounds in longitudinal animla model

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Preclinical MRI Imaging in rodents

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Preclinical PET SPECT Imaging in rodents

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Synthesis and labelling of radiotracer for pharmacokinetics/dynamic studies.


Asociacion Centro de Investigación Cooperativa en Biomateriales · CIC biomaGUNE


Contact person:

Angel Martínez


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