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Near Net Shape Pilot Plant


The asset combines different equipment of Ceit-IK4 that together with more than 30 years of experience in Powder Metallurgy open the possibility of producing complex components optimizing material usage. In that way, large components could be produced by Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) of encapsulated powders; complex components in limited number by Additive Manufacturing; Medium size, complex and many could be produced by press and sinter; small, complex and many by Metallic Injection Molding (MIM); symmetrical parts by powder extrusion. In addition, the facilities available in the asset open the possibility of adjusting performance by heat treatments and cladding with special designed powders.


Extrusion Unit for Powder feed stock +

Extrusion Unit for Powder feed stock


Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) is a process to densify metallic powders or additive manufacturing, cast and sintered parts in a furnace combining high pressure and temperature. The gas (usually argon) pressure acts uniformly in all directions to provide isostropic properties and 100 % densification. It provides many benefits and has become a viable and high performance alternative to conventional processes such as forging, casting and machining in many applications. Main equipment: ASEA QIH6 HIP press with a working zone of diameter 120 mm and height 200mm.The maximum work temperature is 2000 ºC and the maximum operating pressure is 1500 bar.

MRF F14x14x14WW/M-1800VD-GH2 Furnace +

The MRF furnace is built for CEIT. The system is a versatile furnace with a high vacuum system, inert and hydrogen gas system. This furnace provides numerous atmospherics conditions (high vacuum, pure hydrogen and hydrogen-inert mixes) at temperatures up to 1800ºC. It is a batch furnace, with an effective chamber of 300x300x300 mm, featuring repeatable and accurate processing conditions. Also provides a gas quenching system.

Multifunction laser cell for additive manufacturing and post-processing +

The multifunction laser cell is a complete operative system installed at Ceit-IK4 used to perform four different applications: Additive manufacturing of metallic parts by LMD, Cladding of metallic parts fabricated by other methods in order to repair them or provide them with additional functionalities, laser thermal treatment (hardening or softening) or surface finishing (cleaning and polishing) of metallic parts, remote laser welding with and without filler material. Main equipment: 4KW fiber laser from IPG, cladding head with a motorized collimator and a melt-pool closed-loop control system (first two applications) and a 3D laser scanner (two last applications).

Servosis instrumented Uniaxial Press up to 100 Ton +

The Servosis Press is a 100 Tm servo-hydraulic uniaxial press. It has two independent hydraulic actuators, and the load and displacement are recorded in both actuators in every moment, having the capability of transform this parameters in density vs load chart in a single piece pressing process. Also we are able to obtain shrinkage measurements in green pieces and sample extraction process data.


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Cladding and Welding

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Demonstrators and Prototypes

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Superficial Heat Treatments

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Volumetric Heat Treatment




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Iñigo Iturriza Zubillaga


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