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Secure industry laboratory 4.0


This asset focuses on the generation of a testbed oriented to the concept of intelligent factory or Smart Factory. This test bench pursues the following objectives:
- The main objective is to integrate cyber attacks and threats in different stages and processes of an environment similar to production, but without the disastrous consequences that could result in a real scenario. In this case, the associated objectives are:
-Demonstrate the potential impact of these cyber attacks on production processes to increase the level of awareness in the sector
-Integrate, develop and validate mechanisms for protection, detection and response to these attacks
-To provide a training environment with real equipment to the security officers of companies
-Apply artificial intelligence and automatic analysis techniques for assistance in detecting threats.
- In addition, the proposed test bench will allow the necessary concept tests to push companies to evolve their current production models to Industry 4.0 schemes in a safe manner, demonstrating, among others, the use cases associated with the following aspects :
-Customized production customized by the customer
-Smart production lines, communicated, versatile and configurable autonomously
-Advanced product traceability mechanisms
-Collection and analysis of data associated with the production process


A software application that allows the customization of the generated good. This information will be sent to the corporate network in order to be included in the production planning if applicable.

*Gatherer logs agents: These are lightweight software elements installed in various points of the IT and OT networks in order to collect information on the operational, communication or security applications launched in them. In principle, the use of Open Source Agents is considered since the commercial is not necessary.
*Intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDS / IPS): Software elements that allow the detection of unusual traffic patterns by setting standards, blocking them or generating alarms. Additionally, the use of Host IDS (HIDS) will be evaluated, which allows monitoring the status of a specific host and detecting threats within it.
*SIEM System is a software system for the collection, centralization and correlation of the information and events collected in the different logs by the agents. This allows the real-time analysis of information in order to launch alerts or detect threats. Both Open Source and commercial solutions will be contemplated.
*Industrial firewall is a Hardware Firewall focused on the specific needs of production environments, in which traditional networks (IT) coexist with those of production (OT). It is a specific Security Hardware. This element will also allow the monitoring of the OT network’s traffic internally and its interconnection with the OT network.
*Firewall IT: This firewall focuses on the general needs of an organization to protect from threats originated through Internet access. It is a commercial product to ensure an analogous environment to that of any company. It is a specific security hardware which will also allow to monitor the traffic entering and leaving the internet.

It is intended to deploy a small production line that includes the necessary machines and devices to produce real products. This line would have several stations, including both the manufacturing and verification stages. The components of this line would communicate with the MES and the product to perform the action that corresponds according to the needs of the client. The components will communicate following the OPC-UA protocol, using the TSN protocol for their temporary synchronization. From an economic point of view, the line is the main component of the proposal. Its high cost is proportional to its importance. Having an environment similar to that of a real production is the only way to meet the above objectives. The production line includes hardware, software and communication elements. The following are also included:
• MES software which controls the production process at a high level, indicating what has to be produced. It is contemplated using it with an Open Source MES as well as the possibility of incorporating a commercial MES from the surrounding environment in order to validate potential cases that may occur in companies. It is a Software element that must be integrated in a PC within the perimeter of the OT network.
• ERP Software system that allows centralizing the corporate management, including the production planning, cost control, raw material inventories and traceability.

The generated data will be stored in the cloud complying with the necessary security measures (encryption, anonymization, transformation…). This data will be processed in the cloud, thus avoiding the installation and maintenance of IT infrastructure in the plant.


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IT/OT test environment to test new network or processing equipment in a controlled, realistic and high-stress environment

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Realistic simulation of complete industrial environments, including IT and OT segments for testing cyber-defence against complex attacks

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Test and demonstration environment in a context of IT/OT convergence to validate the operation of specialised components in industrial cybersecurity

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Test and demonstration environment in a context of IT/OT convergence to validate the operation of specialised components in industrial cybersecurity



Contact person: Raúl Orduna Urrutia

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