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Laboratory for the design, optimisation and characterisation of vehicles and formulations to be administered via the pulmonary route.


Equipment for the development and characterisation of inhalation products (sprays and aerosols) of formulations.


Alberta Gorge (Copley brand) +

Alberta Gorge (Copley brand):
Designed to improve in vivo / in vitro correlation (IVIVC) during inhaled product testing. It more accurately reflects deposition behavior in the human throat, thus improving the relevance of test data in an R&D environment.

Breathing Simulator (Copley brand): +

Breathing Simulator (Copley brand): Biopharmaceutical characterisation equipment for pulmonary formulations. Generates user-defined and patient-derived breathing profiles that more closely mimic real-world clinical situations.
Technical Features:
-Tests nebulisers and metered dose inhalers (MDI) with spacers/valved holding chambers (VHC).
- Has a maximum volume of 900 mL, making it ideal for the low volume tidal breathing applications required in these chapters.
-It offers higher volumes (500 mL up to 5000 mL) and the higher power (maximum flow rate of 240 L/min) needed to generate the typical profiles of patients using MDI and dry powder inhalers (DPI) under forced inhalation conditions.

NGI Cascade Impactor (Copley brand) +

NGI Cascade Impactor (Copley brand): Equipment for determining the aerodynamic particle size distribution (APSD) of orally inhaled pharmaceutical products (OIDP). It is used to test all inhalation formulations and devices: MDI, DPI, nebulisers and nasal sprays and aerosols.

Spray-dryer B-290 (Buchi brand) +

Spray-dryer B-290 (Buchi brand): Equipment used for particle size modification, suspension drying, particle coating, microcapsule and microparticle manufacturing, peptide, protein and antibody stability enhancement, controlled release and flavour masking.

Spraytec (brand : Malvern) +

Spraytec (brand : Malvern) : A laser diffraction system that allows the measurement of particle and droplet size distributions of aerosols, in real time, for a more efficient development of aerosol products.
Technical features:
-Measure across a wide size range (0.1 - 2000 microns) without requiring constant optical changes.
-Resolve rapid changes in droplet size over time, measuring up to 10,000 measurements per second.
- Provide accurate, concentration-independent results using patented multiple scattering analysis.
- Characterise broad spray plumes without risking optical contamination.
-Size history analysis software.


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Characterisation and development of lung formulations.

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Characterisation and efficient development of sprays and aerosols.




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Gorka Artola Beobide


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