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Smart Grids, Distributed Energy Resources and digital technologies laboratory


Research and Development Laboratory focused on advanced power system architectures, grid flexibility management and operation, integration of distributed energy resources (DER) in the network, demand side management, electric mobility, cybersecurity, communications for smart grids, data analytics tools to extract value from the data and immersive technologies.


AR-VR Lab +

Immersivity Lab is the right environment to prototype, develop and test new concepts with Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. It has a singular infrastructure and multiple devices to test new ways of interacting between the user, devices and energy complex systems.

The infrastructure includes 3D capture systems, immersive systems for virtual and augmented reality, and advanced devices (f.e. Smartglasses) for the worker 4.0.

Data Analytics Lab +

Data space and data analytics services accessible with IDS reference technology (

It is a safe environment, which includes data marketplace and data services, user identification, control and traceability of uses (data governance management).

It enables simulating and validating different data analysis tools developed by third parties, using machine learning libraries developed by Tecnalia and specific data for the energy sector. Data on energy consumption in buildings, metadata on energy consumption in industry, synthetic data on renewable operation and maintenance.

The data analytics toolbox provided by Tecnalia include different data analytics tools for different applications for the whole energy value chain: Predictive maintenance on RES, Smart grid management and Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Smart Buildings and Factories. The provided Data Analytics toolbox has a userfriendly interface specifically oriented for energy domain experts with little knowledge on data analytics and coding.

Both, the components of the data space and the machine learning libraries of Tecnalia are being developed with the maximum of interoperability using communication protocols and standard data models with the aim of facilitating third-party data and tools.

The final objective is to inspire companies on possible ways to extract value from their own data or their customer´s data to be able to offer better products and services.

Microgrids and DER lab +

Low voltage three-phase microgrid formed by different generation and storage devices and several loads, with a manageable power of around 200 kVA. Main elements of the microgrid are: generators (PV, diesel, wind turbine, etc.), network simulators, storage devices (flywheel, battery banks, ultracapacitor-based UPS), loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive, electronic loads), and fully configurable power converters (grid-forming and grid-tied capabilities); a microgrid management system controls the operation of the infrastructure to run according to certain strategy, physically connects/disconnects the elements, and changes the microgrid topology, by means of a switching cabinet.

Power Hardware in the loop +

The Power Hardware-in-the-Loop platform is formed by an OPAL-RT Digital Real Time Simulator for the real-time simulation of complex networks with high penetration of renewable energy sources, and a fast power amplifier (based on Silicon Carbide MOSFET power devices, 50 kVA).

Smart Grid Cybersecurity lab +

A secure and controlled environment to simulate cybersecurity incidents to test advanced detection and protection solutions for the Smart Grid.

It is composed by an IEC 61850 Primary substation and a DSO control center connected by a VPN. The IEC 61850 Primary substation is composed of a Substation Control Unit, an IEC 61850 HMI, several Bay Control Units, a PRP redundant substation Bus, and an analogic/digital signals and sampled values simulator. The substation is supervised and controlled by the DSO control center that includes an IEC 60870 5 104 SCADA and LDAP and NTP servers. It supports the most common smart grid industrial protocols: IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 61850, DNP3, IEC 60870 5 104, LDAP (LDAPS), NTP (NTPS), FTPS, Telnet, SSH, WS, and others.


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Advanced operation of smart grids

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Blockchain based added value services in the smart grids value chain

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Characterization and testing of grid connected inverters and other power electronics devices

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Cyber attacks emulation in electrical systems

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Data Analytics Services

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DER integration and microgrids

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Immersive systems




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Eugenio Perea


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