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Advanced systems for metallurgical characterization of metals in liquid and solid state in pilot plant or in industrial plant.


FUNDACIÓN AZTERLAN has the necessary equipment and expert knowledge for the metallurgical characterization of the metal in its liquid state at the pilot plant level, since it has its own facilities in which to develop materials, as well as at the customer's plant. The personnel of AZTERLAN is used to work in the companies, incorporating their know-how into the most varied industrial manufacturing processes.

AZTERLAN has commercial characterization facilities for the analysis of molten metal liquid and own equipment developed by its own researchers to take a further step in the characterization and behavior of metals and get very valuable measurements in the subsequent processes of component manufacturing.

Some of this equipment present innovative control parameters in the market that allow reinforcing or even replacing the conventional control systems with other more advanced systems that suppose an improvement for the company, at the level of results or at the level of speed response, quality of the same, etc ...

The developed equipment (Thermolan-Fe, Thermolan-Al) allows to characterize the metal through thermal analysis curves but also allows to advance in the predictions of characteristics of the pieces that are being manufactured, so that they support the manufacturer in making decisions regarding the manufacture of certain components with defined mechanical and / or metallurgical characteristics.

Prediction of microstructural characteristics by thermal analysis (own ad-hoc equipment):
Thermolan® (Fe):% nodularity, structural characteristics, prediction of mechanical properties, self-power capacity of the pieces, etc ...
Thermolan-Al: nucleation potential and grain refining, activate Mg in Fe casting, modified If eutectic in aluminum alloys, etc.

The whole scope of metal characterization could be performed in the pilot plant as well as in the customer facilities.

The in-depth knowledge of the researchers working on metallurgical processes transformation allows to know the performance level of the different sectors of the market and allows AZTERLAN offering Benchmarking services in order to help companies to position themselves in leading market positions.

The characterization of metal components and parts regarding static and dynamic mechanical properties, chemical analysis, accelerated corrosion studies, NDT tests (computerized tomography, X-rays, fluoroscopy, penetrating liquids, ultrasound) , SEM-EDX (identification of phases and origin of defects), WDX (segregations), etc. could also be performed.




Thermolan-Fe, and Al +

Own developped Thermolan-Fe, and Al







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Susana Méndez


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