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Optimized working conditions selection cell in grinding


Optimized working conditions selection cell for any grinding application. The design of the cell is based on a tangential grinding machine equipped with an open numerical control that allows the implementation of external applications, as well as the monitoring of the machine's own sensors.
The cell is completed with several equipments that allow to measure essential aspects to be able to evaluate the result of the working conditions used in the grinding of a given application. In this way, the measurement of the following parameters such as cutting forces (torque plate), wear of the grinding wheel (laser device and a CCD camera), roughness (portable roughness tester) and surface hardness (portable hardness tester) are allowed.
The main problem in grinding is the increase of the temperature in the contact area between the part and the grinding wheel, which causes a high risk of thermal damage that affects the surface integrity of the piece. The cell is equipped with a termographic camera and a fiber optic device that measures the temperature generated during the process.
On the other hand, the cell has the equipment to measure surface defects on the piece. This equipment is located in the materials laboratory and is accredited by the ENAC to carry out this type of measure. There are different types of microscopy (optics and SEM), macroscopy and profilometry.


Equipment for measurement of superficial defects: microscopy, macroscopy, profilometry. +

Laboratory for the measurement of superficial defects accredited by the ENAC: microscopy, macroscopy, profilometry.

METODES softwate to optimal wheel selection +

A software implemented in the grinding machine to evaluate the performance of abrasive wheels. It is able to avoid thermal damage in the piece according to the Malkin predictive model.

Sensors for process monitoring: power, force, vibration, position, thermography, laser, surface roughness. +

Group of sensors that allow to monitor the grinding process.

Surface grinding machine GER SN 100/50 +

Surface grinding machine equipped with a CNC Fagor 8070. It has a total power of 22 kw and 1000x500 mm dimensions table.


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Ensuring surface integrity

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Study of the effect of the lubricant on the application.

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