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Pilot plant for the study of welding and joining processes.


Pilot plant for the study of different joining processes including:
- arc welding: MIG/MAG (including CMT and CMT twin), TIG (including hot-wire and speedTIG) and plasma processes (including microplasma and plasma)
- laser welding,
- friction stir welding and
- resistance welding processes.

Different pilot welding cells (including welding equipment and different resources (sensors, monitoring devices, CAD/CAM software, etc.)) are available for training, demonstration, applied research and development activities. Different options are offered for industry to participate and collaborate :
- From lab-scale proof of concept or feasibility tests, to the study of the process industrialization and integration in the production chain.
- Comparative study of different welding processes or technologies.
- First demonstrator fabrication: technology and products development applying our welding expertise.

Arc welding assets:
- 3 robotic arc welding cells.
- 5 different power sources: Fronius TPSi, Fronius Transpuls (2), EWM Activarc, SBI plasma arc. (Availability of a wide range of technologies: advanced MIG/MAG welding processes (CMTi, LSC, PMC), advanced TIG processes (hot wire and TIGSpeed), tandem processes (CMT Twin) and plasma arc processes).
- A rail guided welding carriage for mechanised longitudinal seam welding.
- Tilting and rotating positioning table.
- CAD/CAM software: SKM programming system.
- Different equipment for process control: process data acquisition system, laser-tracker for seam tracking (2), thermographic cameras, active thermography, artificial vision, ultrasonic testing, etc.

Laser welding assets:
Different laser sources:
- Laser disk 5 kW Trudisk 5002
- Laser Nd:YAG 3 kW, Trumpf HL 3006D.
- Laser diodo 3 kW, Laserline LDL 160-3000.
Different accessories, motion:
- a rotating and tilting table
- 4 robotic cells
- large scale gantry (7 x 3 m)
CAD/CAM software for programming complex trajectories.
Different equipment for process control: temperature control, vision cameras, thermography, laser seam tracking…

Friction stir welding (FSW) assets:
Two different FSW cells:
1. robotized welding cell: KUKA KR500 3MT adapted with a FSW spindle and process control system
2. First specific FSW facility in Spain: Istir pds4 + TestStar TM controller.


Pilot plant for the study of welding and joining processes. +

Robotic arc welding cells (4 flexible cells). Acquisition date: 2017-2018.
5 power sources for arc-welding: TPS400i (FRONIUS): advanced MIG/MAG welding, EWM Activarc (advanced TIG welding), SBI plasma welding.
3 robots: FANUC (2) and KUKA (1).
Rail guided welding carriage for automation of arc welding.

Robotic laser welding cells (4 cells). Acquisition date: 2010-2017.
Laser disco 5kW, Laser Nd-YAG 3 kW, diode laser 3kW, fiber laser IPG 1kW.
Robots: ABB robot, robot ASEA IRB 2000, Robots FANUC 1 and FANUC 2, gantry (7 x 3 m).
Fix and floating optical head.

Specific FSW friction stir welding facility (Istir pds4 + TestStar TM controller). Acquisition date: 2005.

Robotic FSW cell: KUKA KR500 3MT adapted with a FSW spindle and process control system. Acquisition date: 2014.


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Advanced welded joints feasibility study. Advanced welding processes analysis.

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First demonstrator fabrication. Proof-of- concept analysis.

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Quality improvement in welded joints.




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