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Robotic deburring cell and superfinishing technology


Robotic polishing and deburring system, equipped with force control. Many testing tools can be installed.
It has a structured blue light measuring system.
Components can be large, up to 1.5 m in diameter.

Multi-sensor coordinate measuring machines with granite table with 3+2 and 5-axis measuring capability for measurement under stable laboratory conditions. It is capable of measuring by point-to-point contact sensors, in scanning mode, measuring with optical scanner with 3 laser beams with 17µm accuracy and 60mm scanning window. Measurement software installed are MCOSMOS, MODUS, MSURF with the possibility of off-line programming. Machines are equipped with automatic stylus change and a complete set of different stylus types, lengths and materials. Machines are equipped with workpiece and axis temperature probes for monitoring and error compensation.

The cell is completed with an Alicona 5U roughness tester for scanning and measuring high precision cutting tools.


Alicona InfiniteFocus G5 XL200 optical microscope +

Non-contact optical microscope with 5x, 10x, 20x, 50x objectives. Axis travel: 200mm X, 200mm Y, 100mm Z. Vertical resolution between 20nm (50x) and 100nm (10x). Minimum measurable roughness 0.06 micrometres Ra. Optical polariser.

MITUTOYO CRYSTA APEX C162012 coordinate measuring machine +

Coordinate measuring machine with continuous 5-axis measurement with REVO head. Renishaw UCC2 control. Roughness measuring probe. MCOSMOS-3 software

MITUTOYO CRYSTA APEX S 9106 coordinate measuring machine +

3-axis coordinate measuring machine with PH10MQ, PHC10-3, HCU head. Point to point and continuous measurement SP25. Laser scanner SurfaceMeasure 606T.

Robotic cell Getting Kume DbrPE203 +

Deburring cell capable of working in two different work modes. . Mode 1 (tool on robot) is designed for large parts (2400mm diameter and 150mm height), with the tools and electro spindle mounted on the robot. Mode 2 the part is mounted on the manipulator robot (weight up to 90kg) and the tools are mounted on fixed posts.


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Approach of automated concepts in polishing of highly complex components: tools, measuring systems, tooling

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Research into new processes applied to complex geometrical components in robotic finishing and polishing.

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Tests on special production conditions for particular parts




Contact person:

Luis Norberto Lopez de Lacalle Marcaide


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