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Fretting Unit


The Fretting Unit offers the following 3 individual services:

- S65: In-service behaviour of components subjected to fretting wear and fretting fatigue: Combined modelling of wear and fatigue finite element simulation and experimental characterization for fatigue life assessment and service optimisation.

- S66: The unit is supported by the surface metrology laboratory for wear track measurement, surface topographical characterization and the identification of damage mechanisms. The lab is equipped with quantitative measuring equipment (optical profilometer: confocal, interferometry and focus variation and tactile profilometer), and on the other hand with Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) for qualitative surface observations and chemical composition determination (EDX).

- S67: Technical training in tribology (friction, wear, and fretting) and surface metrology ( measurement standards and roughness characterization) for professionals.


Bruker UMT Tribolab +

Bruker UMT Tribometer (available from 2019 onwards).
Fretting wear test at elevated temperature ( up to 1000ºC)

Fretting wear and fretting fatigue tribometer +

Fretting wear and fretting fatigue tribometer for thin steel wires ( in house construction)

SensoFar S-Neox. Optical profilometer that includes three techniques (confocal, interferometry and focus variation). +

Sensorfar S-neox is an optical profilometer that integrates three technologies (confocal, interferometry and focus variation) covering a wide spectrum of resolutions and measurement capabilities. It allows to attend needs of very diverse nature, passing through nanometric roughness in mirrors up to coarser roughness of other mechanical components. The equipment is adapted to measure samples of great height thus allowing to measure mechanical components in a non-destructive way.

Tactile profilometer MITUTOYO SJ-2010 +

Tactile profilometer that allows two-dimensional measurements of roughness under standard and extract the measured profiles.

Universal servo-hydraulic machine MTS-810 +

Universal servo-hydraulic machine MTS-810 with fretting module (bridge-type)



Mondragón Goi Eskola Politeknikoa JMA SCoop


Contact person:

Iñigo Llavori Osa


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