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Measurement software for 3-axis machining center


In general, during the measurement, coordinate measuring machines are used to control the aspects in the parts obtained by machining processes such as dimensions or tolerances. M3MH is the measurement software that maximizes the performance of your 3-axis machine tool, allowing the quick verification of the machine, the set-up of the part and the final measurement of it, according to the requirements of the industry and regulations. It is a metrological CAD/CAM that allows machining processes to be optimized before, during and after the process itself. M3MH provides 100% online control of the process itself.

Through M3MH, it is possible to establish direct communication with control of the machine tool from the measurement software itself and going to provide software complete measurement allows the user to direct the machine tool from a software with an intuitive graphical interface allows to perform all the required functions. M3MH, therefore, makes it possible to minimize defective parts, reduce industrialization times and manufacturing times, increase traceability and provide greater reliability and greater control of the process in real time (ZDM - Zero Defect Manufacturing).

The M3MH work environment is a highly automated and graphical interface-based environment that allows very intuitive programming and easy handling.

M3MH allows you to control the process before, during and after the process itself takes place, thus achieving reliable information in real time and, thus, being able to have optimized decision-making. On the other hand, M3MH allows to have a production and a programming adapted to the situation of the real process to achieve the best possible results.

M3MH has a wide range of measurement functionalities. It is undoubtedly a metrological software that provides a unique inspection quality to the machine tool process. Currently, M3MH offers the possibility of programming both offline and online dimensional inspection routines through macros, connecting with the MV control and transmitting the specific commands to execute the programmed measurement processes.

M3MH allows, among other things, to carry out a complete measurement program, indicating which points, which geometries or which planes are to be measured and compared with the nominal part. M3MH is in charge of automatically carrying out the measurement and then generates a report with the results. In conclusion, it can be said that M3MH is comprehensive and versatile software that provides a large number of tools for the control of the part and the process:
• CAD programming
• Automated measurement plans
• Off line programming
• Programming simulation
• Alignments
• Multigeometries
• Dimensional tolerances and geometries
• Set Up
• Tool offset
• Machine compensation
• Reporting

The performance of the operation between M3MH and the machine tool allows the user to avoid removing the part from the machine tool, thus providing instant and continuous feedback that allows preventive and continuous adjustment of production.

In addition, M3MH allows the feedback of information captured in real time for the dynamic update of the manufacturing process of mechanical components, thus improving its direct control, as well as the dimensional precision of the products obtained. M3MH allows the transmission of the results obtained in dimensional inspection operations carried out on machine tools to the metrological platform, in order to process and analyze the information obtained. In this way, the bidirectional flow of information between the metrological platform and the CNC is guaranteed.


M3MH software, machine tool measurement software +

M3MH is the measurement software that maximizes the performance of your 3 and 5-axis machine tool, allowing the quick verification of the machine, and the set up and measurement of parts, according to the requirements of the industry and the regulations.

Probe +

Head with contact tip, the probe makes contact with the object to be measured causing the probe mechanism to move and taking the measurement from the generated signal

WEMAS VZ 1250 Machining center with Heidenhain TNC 620 control +

WEMAS VZ 3-axis machining center with extensive equipment


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Analysis of results

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Inspection before and after the process

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Optimization of part set ups through alignments




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