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Plastic and Composite Materials Manufacturing Unit


Thermoset and thermoplastic materials manufacturing and processing unit, using SMC, RTM/CRTM, infusion, pultrusion, compression, multi-layer lamination, filament winding, casting, injection and thermoforming technologies.


Composite moulding cell by RTM, CRTM, infusion, compression and techniques microwave oven +

RTM injectors for epoxy, polyester and phenolic resins: Cjet One, MVP Venus Gusmer Pro, Ultramax IMG-FM; Hoesch press with 300 Tn capacity and 1 m2 plate, Hidrotecno press with 80 Tn capacity and 1 m2 plate. Hephaistos VHM 100/100 microwave processing oven with 0.9 m3 volume.

Continuous fibre-reinforced composite manufacturing cell +

Hidrotecno pultrusion equipment to obtain prototype batches of 100-200 linear metres of tape/profiles up to 150 cm wide and 10 mm thick; and Atcom filament-winding equipment with mandrel carrier up to 2 m long and 50 cm of diameter, and Baer fibre tensioner.

Flexible base coating application pilot plant and paint furnace +

Rotary Koater unit for lamination and functional printing (gravure printing, flexography) of inks and coatings (UV and thermal curing) with maximum speed of 100 m/min, coils with internal diameters of 75 mm and length of 300 mm; and ExpertPrint 41 IMP-50 screen printing table. CEINSA facility for preparation (18 m3), painting (33 m3) and drying (9 m3 and up to 150 ºC ) with YASKAWA Motoman EPX 1250/NX100 airbrushing application robot.

SMC composite and pre-impregnated thermosets and thermoplastics manufacturing equipment +

SMC Schmidt & Heinzmann machine (800 mm width with production capacity of 600 to 1000 kg/week) and Phoenix Pi6000 fabric and reinforcement resin impregnation system (for up to 1200 mm width). Reliant Powerbond equipment to obtain multi-layer structures and thermoplastic composites (maximum width of 100 cm, maximum operating temperature of 250 ºC, compression pressure of 6 bar and maximum speed of 5 m/min).

Thermoplastic and thermoset resins formulation and additivation cell +

Haake PolyLab, Haake MiniLab, DSM Xplore Microcompounder, Leistriz Micro-27/GL 360 double-spindle extrusion machine , Anton Paar MCR501 rotating viscometer with CTD 450 TwinDrive , EXACT 80E Three Roll Mill , Sammie planetary mixer , Iqaluit Lt 10 powder turbo-mixer , DISPERMAT CN10, ULTRA-TURRAX T 25, Spray Dryer B-290.


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Design, structural calculation and production of composite material parts

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Development of thermoset and thermoplastic polymer functional compounds and composites

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Development, application and characterisation of functional coatings and paints for polymer products

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Process sensoring, monitoring and automation

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Sustainability and recyclability assessment of polymer composite materials




Contact person:

Koldo Gondra Zubieta


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