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Automated intralogistics, guaranteed availability




Ulma Handling Systems is a large company that offers intralogistics solutions to multiple sectors and is located in Oñati (Guipuzkoa). The company identified two principal needs in logistics and supply chain management; firstly, the need to provide their customers with an automated intralogistics facility to guarantee the highest availability rates and, secondly, to monitor all the elements of the automated facility for a more proactive service, identifying possible improvements and modifications in advance of events.

Thanks to the implementation of IoT, Cloud and Simulation/Interaction technologies, they have managed to develop new telematic services which provide a commercial and competitive advantage through the improvement in process efficiency provided by real-time monitoring.
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  • To provide the customer with an automatic intralogistics system that guarantees the highest availability rates
  • Monitoring all elements of the automated installation for a more proactive service by identifying possible improvements in advance so that intervention teams can act more quickly.

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Logistics and Supply management

Company size:





Oñati (Gipuzkoa)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Development of new telematic services.
  • Achievement of commercial and competitive differential.
  • Improving process efficiency.

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Internet of things (IoT)-Management platform
  • Big Data-Cloud-Data Storage
  • Simulation and Interaction-Customer interaction platform

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