Sophisticated maintenance and data analysis of machinery




Fagor Arrasate is a cooperative of the Mondragon corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-tech, fully automated machinery for strategic sectors such as the automotive industry, the steel and aluminium value chain, aeronautics and the manufacture of household appliances. Fagor needed to offer customers better maintenance support in a shorter response time, as well as helping them to capture data on their equipment and processes. By using new technologies, they have managed to develop a multifunctional solution that allows them to adapt the value proposition to the digitalisation needs of their customers, and to take advantage of these technologies to provide a more complete and proactive service.

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To improve  the maintenance service by providing real-time information on the customer’s machine fleet to technicians through advanced technology such as Data Analytics to resolve incidents in the use of machines.

The demand to connect machines to Cloud structures as part of the digitalization process has driven the creation of a modular solution, composed of three fully customizable technological layers. The technological stack is completed with a Cloud platform where the information of the entire fleet of machines is collected, applying advanced analytics that technicians analyze and subsequently process.

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Automotive, Aeronautics, Aluminium, Steel and Manufacturer

Company size:



Automotive, Aeronautics, Aluminium, Steel and Manufacturer


Mondragon (Gipuzkoa)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Product improvement
  • Improved customer productivity

Incorporated Technologies:

  • Data Analytics
  • Cloud

Other related use cases

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