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Automotive Smart Factory – Competence centre specialised in advanced manufacturing, oriented to the development and implementation of 4.0 manufacturing strategies and to the training of new profiles demanded by the industry




Automotive Intelligence Centre (AIC) is a European value generation centre for the automotive sector operating an open innovation model. Located in Boroa (Biscay), it currently consists of 30 organisations with more than 950 professionals using its facilities. Given the Centre’s goals and activities, it was essential for the AIC to have a pilot plant with the physical and virtual capabilities where it could test advanced manufacturing strategies in a comprehensive manner, assess the impact of the implementation of these 4.0 strategies and provide training in digitalisation and 4.0 technologies.

The creation of this competence centre, specialised in advanced manufacturing, has been possible thanks to the implementation of a range of technologies such as IoT, Big Data and Cloud, Machine Learning/Deep Learning, AR/VR systems and Cobots, which are fundamental pillars for all areas and processes of AIC. Some of the benefits of these solutions include increased capacity for prediction and anticipation in production processes, maximisation of product quality, increased agility and flexibility, and supporting the transition towards a proactive, real-time, paperless and visual management for decision-making.

Let the AIC team tell you all about it!


To have a pilot plant with physical and virtual capacities where to test advanced manufacturing strategies in an integral way, to evaluate the impact of the implementation of these 4.0 strategies and to train around digitalization and 4.0 technologies

Area of the company where the solution is focused:

Process Intelligence, Unit Traceability, Zero Defects, Advanced Maintenance, New Technologies and Knowledge Management

Company size:



Automotive / others


Boroa (Bizkaia)

Benefits of the Solution:

  • Offers a comprehensive approach covering organizational, process, manufacturing and digital technology aspects.
  • Facilitates change to proactive, real-time, paperless and visual management to facilitate decision-making.

Incorporated Technologies:

  • IoT-Communications
  • Big Data-Cloud-Data processing
  • IA-Machine Learning/Deep Learning

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