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Use cases

Digital and sustainable solutions already applied in industrial companies that serve as a reference for other SMEs.



NPCP Platform Penetration Test


ZIV is a company born in 1993 dedicated to provide protection and control solutions in the electrical sector. Over time, the company has incorporated the development of measurement and communication technologies with increasing cybersecurity requirements into its service. ZIV’s strategy for the future is to offer secure solutions linked to the world of decarbonization and smart grids. To this end, cybersecurity requirements in the test field have become an essential part of its technology solutions.

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BRONYMEC FabricaciÓn aditiva

Study of the viability of surface modifications in parts manufactured using MJF technology


Bronymec is a company born in 1995 dedicated to the distribution and machining of polymers and composites. It targets a wide range of sectors such as rail, energy, machine tools, food and pharmaceuticals. Through this project, the company has decided to go beyond machining, opening up to applications for additive manufacturing.

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DEGUISA FabricaciÓn aditiva

Additive manufacturing of a refractory plate prototype for slide valve


Deguisa was created in 1966 as a company dedicated to the engineering, design and manufacture of refractory linings and materials along with combustion and control equipment. Since 1974, Deguisa has a factory in Amurrio for the assembly of slide valve systems and their commercialisation. With new developments in the industry set to replace the traditional methods, the company decided to investigate the most suitable additive manufacturing methods for refractory raw materials.

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GRAPHENEA Dispositivos mÉdicos y salud digital

Detection of SARS-CoV-2 viruses with graphene field effect transistors


Graphenea is a company born in 2010 with the purpose of producing graphene for researchers. There are 36 workers in the company dedicated to the production and research of graphene, though lately they had decided to enter into product development so as to create biosensors of this material in order to detect virus such as the Sars-Cov-2, of great use in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Nippon Gases Materiales avanzados

Preliminary demonstration for data analysis, processing and visualisation for welding processes

Nippon Gases

Nippon Gases is a company whose main activity is the supply of industrial, medicinal and food gases. In Spain, we have several production plants, especially in Basque Country, where are very numerous.

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SOMABE RobÓtica flexible y colaborativa

Bin picking technology to create new business units


Soraluze Makina Bereziak, SOMABE, was established in 2004 as an engineering company dedicated to the design and manufacture of special machinery. SOMABE is located in Soraluze and has a team of 15 people dedicated to making special machines. They are specialized in sealing control and component assembly applications.

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Insulclok Dispositivos mÉdicos y salud digital

Insulclock, intelligent device for insulin pens


Insulcloud was born in 2014 to improve diabetics patients’ life quality and expectancy, by using technologies easily accessible and reachable. By means of a smart device, attached to the insuline pen, provides information on injections: timing, quantity, temperature and injection time, among others.

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DRAXTON Materiales avanzados

New materials for improving nodular iron foundry plant performance


Draxton Atxondo is a nodular iron foundry which manufactures security parts for automotive sector. Their main product is the disc brake fork. Currently, Draxton is the main European disc brake provider with an annual manufacturing of more than 30 million of disc brakes; a 45% of the European market.

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RKL integral Ciberseguridad

Critical infrastructures software robustness verification

RKL integral

RKL integral is an integral security consulting firm born in 2017. Currently, they are a 12 people team offering professional and independent consultancy and engineering services, with a high innovative character in integral security field.

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Hispavista FabricaciÓn aditiva

Industrial complex data management for industrial sector


Hispavista is a 25 years company located in San Sebastian, with offices in Madrid and Mexico. Their team counts on 50 qullified professionals, focused on the internet sector, offering solutions for advertising market, web development services for companies and R&D on the internet.

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ATTEN BIO Dispositivos mÉdicos y salud digital

high sensibility and specific tests diagnosis platform for respiratory viruses and infectious diseases


AttenBio is a recently created company, about a year more or less, located on San Sebastián Technology Park. Their main activity is focused on the development of advanced biosensors based on nanoelectronics and biochemistry. Our main goal is to develop a diagnosis technological platform, by developing high sensibility and specific tests for respiratory viruses and infectious diseases.

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Cyber Surgery RobÓtica flexible y colaborativa

Augmented reality system for robotic spine surgery

Cyber Surgery

Cyber Surgery is a company founded in 2017 as a spin-off of Egile Coporation industrial group and they focus on the development of a robotic assistant for spin surgeries.

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Composites Martiartu Materiales avanzados

Prospectiva de tecnologías “Sheet Moulding Compounding”

Composites Martiartu

Composites Martiartu is located in Arrigorriaga in the Martiartu Industrial Park. The company was born in the 2000 as Mecanizados Martiartu. Initially they were dedicated to the machining of thermosets, thermoplastics and small assemblies. In these more than 20 years they have multiplied by 10 the initial staff.

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Savvy Data Systems Ciberseguridad

Robustness test of industrial communications with Achilles platform

Savvy Data Systems

Savvy Data Systems is data engineering and data analytics for industrial environments. They have been working in this field for more than a decade, they have worked in many implementations, the number of factories in which they have worked already exceeds 600 and the project is growing.

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HRE MÁquinas inteligentes y conectadas

Validation of cryogenic and digital i-becold® technology for eco-efficient processes


HRE Hidraulic is located in Elgoibar and they are specialized in the development of engineering solutions in the field of industrial fluids, covering a multitude of sectors from machine tools and training, assembly and handling machinery, aluminium injection machines, paper mills, food machinery, iron and steel industry, rolling mills and foundries.

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LAIP MÁquinas inteligentes y conectadas

Smart toolholder for cryogenic-based alternative cooling in multitasking cells


At LAIP they are manufacturer of tool holders for machine tools for over 65 years, they offer both standard and customized clamping solutions reaching the 5 continents.

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CLCIRCULAR Ciberseguridad

Traceability of cold logistics with blockchain


CLCIRCULAR is a real-time monitoring service to know where and how perishable products are during transport or storage, to prevent problems and losses. It offers an affordable solution thanks to its circular economy model, which ensures data confidentiality between clients.

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Goizper Data driven solutions

Components control, diagnosis and monitoring system


Goizper is a co-operative group of approximately 350 workers created here in Antzuola and currently consists of three business units: The Spraying Division, the Biotechnology Division and the power transmission components division. From the point of view of product innovation, one of the challenges Goizper is facing, and specifically the business division related to power transmission components, is the minimisation of the failures that our components may have in our customers' different machinery or equipment.

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Mondragon Assembly Data driven solutions

High throughput and monitoring of assembly lines

Mondragon Assembly

Mondragon Assembly is a company located in Guipuzcoa, with more than 40 years of experience in the automation of industrial processes, offering its customers automated assembly lines and equipment. Thanks to technologies such as AI, Big Data and Cloud or IoT, the company has managed to move towards an advanced and proactive support service, which […]

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Alcorta Data driven solutions

Creation of predictive models to achieve accuracy on the entire batch of components


Alcorta Forging Group is a company located in Elgoibar (Guipuzcoa), with over a 100 years of history in the forging sector and international presence in countries such as China, USA and South Africa. In the hot forging process of steel, the conditions are very severe due to process waste and the required high temperatures. This […]

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Zayer Data driven solutions

Increased machine precision and tangible value technology


ZAYER is a machine tool manufacturer located in Vitoria (Álava) born in the 1950s and whose customers include the world’s leading aircraft, vehicle, train and wind turbine manufacturers. In order to increase the level of precision of its machines and speed up the adjustment processes, it was necessary to take an innovative approach to this […]

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Korta Data driven solutions

Industry 4.0 and production facilities digitalisation


Korta is a family company founded 40 years ago and located in Zumaia (Guipuzcoa). Specialised in the manufacture of ball screws, the company has an important position in markets such as machine tools, energy, automotive and aeronautics. During one of its first aeronautical projects, the company came across the need to certify the grinding process […]

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Fagor Data driven solutions

Sophisticated maintenance and data analysis of machinery


Fagor Arrasate is a cooperative of the Mondragon corporation dedicated to the design and manufacture of high-tech, fully automated machinery for strategic sectors such as the automotive industry, the steel and aluminium value chain, aeronautics and the manufacture of household appliances. Fagor needed to offer customers better maintenance support in a shorter response time, as […]

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Soraluce Data driven solutions

Elimination of the “chatter” effect with the machining of flexible parts


Soraluce is a world leader company in milling, boring and turning technology, part of Danobat Group and located in Bergara (Guipuzcoa). The machining of slender parts creates two principal challenges: the appearance of self-excited vibrations or «chatter», and the appearance of geometric deformations due because of residual stress. Using IoT, AI, Big Data and Cloud […]

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GKN Automotive Data driven solutions

SK Inspect, inspection software for component quality improvement

GKN Automotive

GKN Automotive is, to the automotive industry, the only supplier focused on driveline technologies with a presence in 20 countries throughout 5 continents. The company pursue to address several needs: automating control processes, optimising the traceability of the components and implementing automatic productive decision-making. To this end, and making use of Big Data and Cloud, […]

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Microdeco Data driven solutions

Real time management of production processes


Microdeco is an SME based in Eibar (Guipuzcoa) dedicated to precision bar turning and specialized in the manufacture of highly complex parts. Its main target is the automotive sector. Ibermatica’s Manufacturing Platform follows an integrated approach, seeking to solve different manufacturing problems, from a systemic perspective. The main goal of the Company is providing intelligent […]

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Tubos reunidos Data driven solutions

Tubispec project: measurement and 3D imaging for quality parameters

Tubos reunidos

Tubos Reunidos is global leader in niche segments of special seamless steel tubular products. Through 120 years of history and presence in more than 100 countries, this company needed to implement a system that would make it possible to extract both inside and outside measurements of the tubes. Using AI and simulation/interaction tools, they have […]

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Wolco Data driven solutions

OEE monitoring to prevent events


Wolco is an SME dedicated to the manufacture of cutting tools located in Lemona (Biscay). Part of the AAMC (Advanced Aerospace Manufacturing Centre), and the HEGAN (Basque Aerospace Cluster). This company identified the need to know exactly how efficient the plant is in real time in order to be able to take measures and anticipate […]

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AIRLAN Data driven solutions

Optimal management of energetic efficiency through consumption monitoring


Airlan is a manufacturer of air conditioning equipment based in Bilbao (Vizcaya) that offers a wide range of products and services throughout Spain. The company’s goal is to optimise energy management, allowing the building operator make a significant economic and environmental savings along the life cycle of the installation. In order to do so, Arlan […]

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P4Q Data driven solutions

Remote monitoring platform for intelligent management of photovoltaic solar plants


P4Q is an SME focused on the energy sector and located in Alonsotegi (Biscay). The subsidiary dedicated to the commissioning and after-sales services of the solar product division identified the need to remotely monitor the operating parameters of the control systems of the solar trackers in real time, which would allow them, on the one […]

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AIC Data driven solutions

Automotive Smart Factory – Competence centre specialised in advanced manufacturing, oriented to the development and implementation of 4.0 manufacturing strategies and to the training of new profiles demanded by the industry


Automotive Intelligence Centre (AIC) is a European value generation centre for the automotive sector operating an open innovation model. Located in Boroa (Biscay), it currently consists of 30 organisations with more than 950 professionals using its facilities. Given the Centre’s goals and activities, it was essential for the AIC to have a pilot plant with […]

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ULMA Data driven solutions

Automated intralogistics, guaranteed availability


Ulma Handling Systems is a large company that offers intralogistics solutions to multiple sectors and is located in Oñati (Guipuzkoa). The company identified two principal needs in logistics and supply chain management; firstly, the need to provide their customers with an automated intralogistics facility to guarantee the highest availability rates and, secondly, to monitor all […]

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Aernnova Data driven solutions

Optimisation and monitoring of the machining-process variables


Aernnova is a leading company in the design and manufacture of structures for the principal aerospace OEMs whose headquarters are in Miñano (Álava). The company detected several requirements in the area of production efficiency, such as: advanced design tools to coordinate between design and production in the product development phase, developing flexible, intelligent and efficient […]

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